Class 01 - 1/6/21

In this class, we did a little recap on After Effects and then jumped right into some techniques to help on the "Title Sequence" assignment.

Class 02 - 1/13/21

Today we recapped working with masks and dove deeper into mattes, masks, blending modes, and compositing. Then we started on tracking a couple of different shots. 

Exercise: Practice tracking! Film a short clip and track something to the scene. Your clip should at least be 5 seconds. Be creative, if you film your cat, maybe track its tail and stick a star on it. :)

Upload it here -

Name it like this "FirstName-LastName-Tracking"

Due - 1/20/21 before class

Class 03 - 1/20/21

In this class, we jumped into camera tracking and a bit of green screen.

Exercise: Practice camera tracking! Grab a short clip (stock clip or the one that was shot at school) and camera track it. Then throw in some text or graphics. 

Upload it here -

Name it like this "FirstName-LastName-CameraTracking"

Due - 1/27/21 before class

Class 04 - 

Class 05 - 

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