Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming more accessible and continuing to grow in popularity. As headsets are becoming lightweight and wireless creating a VR experience for your organization is an amazing way to showcase your product, service, or establishment. 

At Enlightened Immersive, our approach to Virtual Reality (VR) production is to make it manageable, easy to use, comfortable wear, and fun to engage. Below are a couple of examples of our virtual reality productions.

The social awareness team at Dell and Enlightened Immersive teamed up to create a virtual reality experience to showcase some of the work they do around the globe. Using 360 video and interactive elements participants were able to immerse themselves in stories that ranged from solar-powered classrooms to DNA sequencing.

We partnered with the customer experience team at VMware to create a VR experience where participants could take part in learning about the customer journey. The experience enabled employees to interact with content using virtual hands instead of controllers this made the experience easier to set-up and more interactive for the user.