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Re-framing 360 virtual reality footage for traditional output

I wanted to post a quick blog about re-framing 360 footage. This will focus on a VR production where we shot a 360 film for a headset experience. The final result was very successful for our client who was able to implement the experience at their MLS game day fan booth. To extend the use of the film we created a re-framed version for traditional playback options. Take a look at the examples below.

A "tiny planet" still of around the world. Not only does re-framed footage look awesome, but we can also get some amazing stills from it!

Here is the 360 video that was used for the VR experience:

And here is the re-framed video:

Shooting in 360 gives you infinite possibilities and perspectives. Re-framing the footage can add a unique look and feel to any traditional video production.

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