Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) experiences are based in real-world environments. Where the interactive objects enhanced by computer-generated graphics.

At Enlightened Immersive, our goal is to make Augmented Reality (AR)  exploratory. We want our participants to be un-encumbered by tech, so they can fully enjoy the experience! Below are a few of our innovative augmented reality experiences.

LightWrite Experience

Have you ever wanted to write with light? That was the question that we wanted to answer and from that exploration we created LightWrite. LightWrite lets players feel like they are drawing with light. Giving them the freedom to move and create without the hassle of controllers or wires. Check out the gallery above. 

Zooples Experience

With Zooples we developed a new way to interact with randomly generated characters. Players take control of a Zoople which follows their every move as they jump and groove with up to four other players!