After Effects
Group 04

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Class 01 

  • Basic UI for After Effects 

  • Basics of Animation - Keyframes/Motion/Timing 

  • Create lower thirds animation

Class 02 

  • Using assets from AI & PS in AE 

  • Create an animated logo 

Class 03 

  • Masks & Animating Masks 

  • Working with footage in AE

  • Create animated text composited into footage using masks 

Class 04 

  • Basic green screen & Basic tracking

  • Premiere integration

  • Create a composite video using green screen clips  

Class 05 

  • Different modes of compositing videos together

  • Final project

Intro to AE

Intro to AE

Integrating Premiere with After Effects

Getting files ready for After Effects

Working with .AI and .PSD files

Effects, Presets, and Masks

Masking and Roto

Green Screen P1

Green Screen P2

Compositing P1

Compositing P2