Class 01 - 1/8/21

In this class, we went over the user interface, the basics of animating, importing/exporting, and Illustrator integration in After Effects.

The assignment:

- Export and upload a video no more than 10 seconds showing/demonstrating the use of keyframes in animating objects and text by creating a lower third.
- Create a personal/fake logo concept. This can be hand-drawn or done in the software of your choice. 


Due 1-15-21 by 9am

Upload your files here -

Please name them like this:



Class 02 - 1/15/21

In this class, we talked more about using assets from Illustrator and Photoshop. The started looking at masks and some effects.

The assignment:

- Export and upload your animated logo no more than 10 seconds. The logo must animate on, then hold for at least 3 seconds, then animate off.


Due 1-22-21 by 9am

Upload your files here -

Please name them like this - FirstName-LastName-Assignment01-AnimatedLogo

Here is a bonus video focusing on Juvu's question, but there may be some more about masks and stuff for you all to check out. :)

Class 03 - 1/22/21

Class 04 - 

Class 05 - 12/11/20 

More masks! and compositing text in video and video in video and such.

The assignment:

- Export and upload a composited video using at least one video clip that you shot along with other videos, or text, or both. Should be no more than 10 seconds.


Due 1-29-21 by 9am

Upload your files here -

Please name them like this - FirstName-LastName-Assignment03-CompositedVideo

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