Class 01 - 11/06/20

In this class we went over the user interface and the basics of animating in After Effects.

The assignment:

- Export and upload a video between 2-5 seconds showing/demonstrating the use of keyframes in animating objects and text.
- Create a personal/fake logo concept. This can be hand-drawn or done in the software of your choice.

User interface and animation basics

Animating shapes and text

File set-up, starting a new project, and basic keyframes

Key shortcuts

Review, exporting and more animation techniques

Class 02 - 11/13/20

In this class, we went over integrating between Illustrator and Photoshop with After Effects. Plus some specific techniques for you to use in animating your logo.

The assignment:

- Export and upload your animated logo. Keep it around between 3-7seconds showing/demonstrating the use of keyframes and other techniques that we discussed in class. 

Photoshop and Illustrator integration with After Effects.

Copy and paste keyframes. And the Puppet Pin fail. :(

Animating a logo. Intro duction to masks.

Puppet Pin worked! and the Write-On effect.

More masks and such using the Stroke effect. Plus using shapes as masks.

Class 03 - 

In this class, we learned about linking unlinked assets and using masks and blending modes to composite text into video.

The assignment:

- Export and upload your composited video. Keep it around 5-10 seconds showing/demonstrating the use of masks and blending modes. Use stock footage or footage that you shot to create a video where the text has been integrated into the shot.

Linking unlinked assets

Using masks and animating masks to integrate text into video.

Using blending modes and masks to composite video.

Class 04 - 

Class 05 - 

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